Welcome To Slime Realms!

Hello adventurer! Are you looking for a quality Minecraft server? Well look no further, Slime Realms is here!

Here at Slime Realms we offer a wide range of activities for you, like building advanced machines, using magic, exploring our custom generated world (introduces new biomes like fantasy forests, farmlands, and volcanoes), starting towns/nations/wars, completing quests/stories, ranking up, and much more!

SlimeRealms is being built by players who have been playing this game for many years, and have been running servers almost just as long. Our goal is to bring you a truly enhanced gameplay experience, built for veterans and noobs alike.

Over the past few months, since us opening, our community has only been growing. Filling with other people wanting the same experience as you! When you join Slime Realms you aren’t just joining our Minecraft server, you’re joining our community.