DemiGod Perks:
All Overlord Perks
In game payment of $5,000,000
25 total sethomes
15 Cow Spawners (Can be changed with spawn eggs)
15 Spawn Eggs of your choice
Access to all GadgetMenu Pets
Access to /pv 4 (Personal Vault)
Access to /ptime
Kit Demigod:
Diamond Helmet (Protection X/Unbreaking X/Water Breathing VI)
Diamond Chestplate (Protection X/Unbreaking X/Blast Protection X)
Diamond Leggings (Protection X/Unbreaking X/Projectile Protection X)
Diamond Boots (Protection X/Unbreaking X/Feather Falling X)
Diamond Sword (Sharpness X/Unbreaking X/FireAspect VI)
Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency X/Unbreaking IX/Fortune X)
Diamond Axe (Efficiency X/ Unbreaking X)
Diamond Shovel (Efficiency X/Unbreaking X)