Staff Application

  1. Staff are NOT allowed to raid bases of ACTIVE players! Ex: A player who has been active in the past 3 weeks.
  2.  Do not use staff abilities to benefit yourself or impact the server economy.
  3.  Do not use staff abilities to “help” your friends.
  4.  At minimum we expect at least 5 hours online time a week . If you need to be away for any length of time greater than 5 days you MUST make a post in the Staff Absence thread.
  5.  Do not engage in PVP using staff abilities, i.e. , /fly, /tp, /vanish, etc.
  6.  Speak to players in a respectable and professional manner.
  7.  USE COMMON SENSE. If you are unsure or it doesn’t seem right simply don’t do it. You can always ask a higher ranked staff member or an Owner.
  8.  Training is mandatory upon hire OR promotion. You MUST contact the proper rank to train you when you have time for training. If at any time you would like a refresher course you may ask on discord. Higher staff are under no obligation to track you down to train you.
  9.  Google is your friend. If you are unsure on HOW to do something, Google it first. There are many tutorials/videos on how things are done.
  10.  All jails and bans must be documents with appropriate screenshots. This makes it easier for other staff to navigate disputes.
  11.  Staff Nicknames in minecraft must be similar to their discord name. This is so that players know who to DM if they have an issue in game.
  12.  Do NOT have a laggy base. As staff we should be an example of players of how to play right.
  •  The Owners can revoke your Staff rank at any time if they feel you either aren’t abiding the Rules/Guidelines or if they simply feel you are not a good fit with the Staff family.
  • These Rules/Guidelines are subject to change. So please reread them periodically to ensure you are up-to-date.
Keep in mind that we try to maintain a friendly and fun server for all play styles. We want not only our members but our staff to enjoy their time on our server.
The Owners would like you to know that we do appreciate the time and dedication you have put forth to maintain our wonderful server.